Easy Automation

Automate repetitive tasks

How much time are you spending taking gravity readings? Are you required by health codes to track your cold room temperatures? Craft Metrics sensors automate data collection and generate plots and reports.

Glycol Chiller Monitor

Avoid costly downtime

Every brewery has a story about the time their glycol chiller failed. Craft Metrics can monitor your critical infrastructure and send you alerts if there are problems, so you can react immediately.

Remote Brewery Access

Peek in remotely

Did the junior brewer remember to fill the HLT yesterday? Did the power come back on after a scheduled utility outage? Craft Metrics saves you a trip to your brewery, and gives peace of mind.

Brewery Optimization

Optimize your brewery

How much water are you using during cleanup? How quickly can you cold crash a tank? Craft Metrics gives you insights to squeeze new efficiencies out of your existing facility.

Using a Tilt™ Hydrometer in a commercial brewery

The Tilt™ digital hydrometer is a revolutionary device for continually monitoring gravity and temperature during fermentation. It is inexpensive and elegant in its simplicity. Initially conceived for homebrewers, there are a number of challenges for professional brewers looking to use the device in large-scale fermentation. We've solved them.

Pasteurizing cider at a craft scale

Many cideries pasteurize to prevent residual sugars from fermenting in the bottle. In our blog series we go in-depth on the science and practice of achieving product stability in a simple and cost-effective way.


Trusted by Quality Producers

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“I love the simplicity of your products and the degree convenience they offer, getting real time data at a moment's notice is awesome when we are such a limited personnel operation.”

David Donovan, Cidermaker
Vala's Orchard, Nebraska, USA

“We’re loving the pasteurization computer!
It’s a very well thought out and built product.”

Benjamin Johnstone, Owner/Cidermaker
Bowen Craft Cider, British Columbia, Canada